Sunday, November 20, 2011 menentukan angka atau karakter yang bisa di input saja

pertama buat satu form dengan textbox lalu masukan coding untuk masukan karakter saja

coding untuk angka saja

VB.NET membuat animasi label yang bergerak

Pertama buat label dan timer, di property timer1 enabled di set = true

VB.NET mengenerate angka acak

Pertama buat form dengan 1 textbox dan 1 button
dan coding untuk generate random number

VB.NET Membuat aplikasi yang membandingkan bilangan besar

Pertama buat form dengan button dan textbox
Coding untuk membandingkannya

VB.NET Menggunakan Fungsi IF

Pertama buat textbox , label dan button
 kemudian di coding isi

 silakan di coba

Friday, June 10, 2011

What are the Difference between Straight cable and Crossover Cable

UTP cable is use to connect computer to a network but there are two type of cable each have it own us that is

A.Straight Cable
Straight cable is use to connect computer to a network device like hub/switch or router the color order of straight cable is same for each side
Side 1&2

1.White Orange
3.White Green
7.White Brown

B.Crossover Cable
Crossover Cable is a cable that use to connect computer directly to other computer without using network device like Hub/Switch, Router. The order of color of each side is different,

Side 1                                 Side 2
1.White Orange                  1.White Green
2.Orange                            2.Green
3.White Green                    3.White Orange
4.Blue                                 4.Blue
5.White Blue                       5.White Blue
6.Green                              6.Orange
7.White Brown                   7.White Brown
8.Brown                             8.Brown

Type of Network

There are 3 type of network

1.LAN (Local Area Network)
Local Area Network  is a network that use in a building like school or company the size of the network maximum Range is 100 meter,  This network is using cabling of UTP or by using Wifi

2.MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)
Metropolitan Area Network is a interconnection of many Local Area Network by using Backbone Technology like Fiberoptic or BTS as it medium to transmit the data to LAN that is connected to the MAN, it range from 5 to 50km

3.WAN (Wide Area Network)
Wide Area Network is a network that bigger that MAN it can cover a continent to all continent a form a network that is called as internet LAN, and MAN are the small network that form WAN or internet